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Your faith family tree
Ann Jahns
by Ann Jahns
September 29, 2022

People have always been fascinated with tracing their genealogies and filling in the leaves on their family trees. There’s something comforting about knowing where you came from and the history of the people who helped you get there.

As intriguing as tracing our biological genealogies is, I think it would be even more interesting to trace our faith genealogies. Who first shared Jesus with you? Was it a parent or another relative? or a friend or coworker or teacher? Many of us grew up in families where faith was not a priority. It was not a given that our parents or grandparents faithfully took us to church or led us by the hand to Sunday school. Perhaps no one read devotions to us at home or prayed with us at bedtime. So maybe God placed someone else in your life who shared with you the hope you have in Jesus.

Thankfully, we can trace our faith genealogies back thousands of years to God’s people in the Old Testament. In Psalm 78:5,6, it says that God commanded our ancestors to teach [his laws] to their children, so the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children.”

So who first shared God’s love with you? Thank that person today if possible. Because of his or her deep love for you, God’s grace, and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, you will enjoy eternity in heaven.

Who can you share God’s love with today? Go on—you can be a leaf on someone’s faith family tree.

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