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Cell phone vs. God’s Word
Pastor Clark Schultz
by Pastor Clark Schultz
January 15, 2023

Do you know how many times a day the average person picks up his or her cell phone to check messages, scores, or other addicting games with the word candy in them? 110 times. Compare that to the number of times a person picks up his or her Bible daily. (Insert good old-fashioned Christian guilt here.) I’m just as guilty as you are, but let’s work through this thought process together. Cell phone—outdated the moment you purchase it. God’s Word—timeless. Cell phone—causes anxious thoughts. (Why hasn’t that person texted back yet?) God’s Word—gives us answers per his timing and wisdom. Cell phone—battery runs low unless charged. God’s Word—doesn’t drain us but charges us up.

Still not convinced? As a fellow smartphone addict, I’ve found that my stress level increases the more I use it. On the flip side, a psalm or passage from Romans calms my anxious heart. If I lay my phone down, it becomes an overpriced decoration. In the Word, I’m told I’m forgiven and a precious child of God. I’m more than a decoration. Cell phone—costs $$. The Word—tells of the cost of God’s Son to make me priceless in his eyes. Last but not least, some phones have the feature to know where you are at all times, comforting or frightening? God’s eyes watching and knowing you since conception, comforting or frightening? “The Lord will guide you always” (Isaiah 58:11).

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