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Time of Grace with Pastor Mike Novotny

Listen to all of Pastor Mike’s weekly messages here! These are audio versions of the television program, published every Sunday, with an occasional special message from Pastor Mike mixed in. Episodes are typically 28 minutes.

Grace Talks Daily Devotionals

Listen to all of the daily devotionals from a variety of speakers. These shorter devotions (most are 3-5 minutes, some are a bit longer) are a perfect way to start or end your day focused on God’s Word and its application to your daily life.

Bible Threads With Dr. Bruce Becker

The Bible can be intimidating, right? There are 66 different books, more than 700,000 words, and all of it was written over a period of 1,600 years by dozens of different authors. How do we make sense of it all, and what does it mean for our lives? Amazingly, the Bible is incredibly interconnected with “threads” that run through it from beginning to end. In this podcast, Bible scholar and author Dr. Bruce Becker will uncover these threads, help you dig deeper into God’s truth, and inspire you to live your life with greater confidence and joy.

Little Things

Amber Albee Swenson, one of our Time of Grace writers and bloggers, will help you navigate through some of life’s challenges and struggles by using Scripture and her own experiences of being a mom, wife, speaker, teacher, and forgiven child of God … Because in God’s kingdom, the little things ARE the big things.

The Nonmicrowaved Truth

How fast do you have to have “IT”? Our culture tells us to find a microwave to speed up the process. C.L. Whiteside, a man who sees and hears multiple perspectives through his life of coaching sports, serving in education, and attempting to conform to Christ, searches for the nonmicrowaved truth. C.L. gets that what’s cool and acceptable now, may not be cool and acceptable tomorrow—and most importantly, may not be what’s best.

These podcasts are available on many other podcasting platforms, so just search for the title wherever you listen to podcasts and you should be able to find and subscribe.