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Resources on abuse

Need Help? Here are a few places you can go:

Your pastor

While your pastor is not a trained/licensed counselor and should not replace a professional therapist, they are equipped to help you deal with the effects of sin on your soul, including those sins that have been committed against you. Their confidential, Christ-centered guidance can be one vital piece of your recovery and healing.

WLCFS - Christian Family Solutions

Christian Family Solutions

CFS is a professional, Christian counseling organization that exists to help and heal people in need. CFS has many licensed counselors on staff who are trained to help individuals who have been abused. CFS clinicians can integrate an individual’s Christian faith into therapy so that the healing power of the gospel is present during the treatment process. Appointments are available in person or through telehealth. Call 800.438.1772 for more information.


Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE)

GRACE helps Christian ministries recognize, prevent, and respond to abuse in its various forms. This website is a rich resource of videos and articles for anyone looking for biblical answers on sexual, emotional, verbal, and/or physical abuse.

Freedom for the Captives

This ministry was created to help protect children from abuse in addition to empowering abuse survivors. Filled with Scripture and free resources, Freedom for the Captives is a wonderful place for congregations to learn about how to make their churches safe places for every child to worship Jesus.

Pastor Mike’s messages on Time of Grace

Grace Talks Videos

Time of Grace Podcast

Behind the Series: Abuse: What Does God Say?

Pastor Mike is joined by Amber Albee Swenson, one of our Time of Grace bloggers, podcasters, and writers, as they talk about the TV message series, “Abuse: What Does God Say?” Pastor Mike and Amber look at the need to talk about this topic in church, the definition of abuse, what happens if you have been abused by church leaders, and where God is in all of this.

Little Things Podcast

In a special two-part series looking at abuse, Michelle Markgraf from Kingdom Workers joins Amber Albee Swenson. They discuss what abuse is, how we can identify it, and how we can befriend those who are being abused.

Blog Posts

Reach out in love to help those impacted by abuse

No matter what the type of abuse, whether it happened once or repeatedly, there is help and hope for healing with God.


The path to true healing goes through Christ

The devil desires your heart, mind, body, and especially your soul. He’s at war, at you are the prize. God is not only on your side, he gives you tools to win.

Recommended Reading

How to Heal by Pastor Mike Novotny

The truth is, abuse comes in many different forms—emotional and verbal as well as physical— and it all breaks God’s heart. Maybe you’ve experienced patterns of abuse in your own life, maybe you know someone who has, or maybe you’re humble enough to recognize such behaviors in yourself. Whatever your connection to abuse, God’s message remains the same—healing is possible.


Rid of My Disgrace: Hope and Healing for Victims of Sexual Assault by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

This was the first book that Pastor Mike ever read on the topic of abuse and, nearly a decade later, continues to be one of his favorites. This work focuses on sexual abuse and guides the reader to the cleansing, purifying, and restoring work of Jesus.


The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk

This book, recommended by Dr. Brandon Hayes of Christian Family Solutions, explores the connection between various types of trauma and our brains’ ability to trust, practice self-control, and experience pleasure afterward. This pioneering work has become a New York Times best seller.


On the Threshold of Hope: Opening the Door to Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse by Diane Mandt Langberg, PhD

This book, recommended by Sheryl Cowling of Christian Family Solutions, is written for men and women who have been traumatized by sexual abuse and approaches healing from a Christian perspective. Cowling has 25 years’ experience counseling children, teens, and adults. She is Board Certified as a professional Christian counselor, as an expert in traumatic stress, and in tele-mental health.