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Giving and sharing
Jason Nelson
by Jason Nelson
January 25, 2020

By definition, giving is a sacrifice. It is taking something we value and presenting it to someone we value even more, expecting nothing in return. In Leviticus, God taught Old Testament believers to love him like that by insisting they make significant sacrifices. They burned up animals that took effort and expense to raise. They poured out wine that took time to ferment. When it was over, those things were gone.

We give when we help our neighbor dig her car out of a snowbank. That’s a couple hours of our lives we will never get back. We accept no payment because she is our neighbor. Giving is love with no returns. When I gave my daughter’s hand in marriage, I whispered in my son-in-law’s ear, “No givsies backsies.”

Sharing is loving with mutual benefits. There is an expected reward. We get satisfaction in what we have offered to others. God wanted Old Testament believers to share the Passover meal. Family and friends got together to enjoy food and drink. They expressed their faith in the Lamb of God whose blood redeemed them. The older folks told stories of their unique experiences as God’s people. And younger folks discovered their heritage.

Sharing is love where nothing is lost. Everyone is enriched. Faith and life mean more to us because they are appreciated by others. And it is very appropriate for others to return the favor. Giving and sharing are nice ways to live.

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