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GOD is here
Pastor Mike Novotny
by Pastor Mike Novotny
January 8, 2020

The other day I asked my friend Katie, “Who would be the most life-changing person to walk through that door and be here with us?” Katie leaned in and muttered, “I’m supposed to say Jesus, right? . . . Because I’m thinking about someone delivering sushi. . . . But I love dolphins too. Can a dolphin show up?” “You bet,” I said. “How about a dolphin swims through that door with a rainbow roll on its dorsal fin?” And Katie beamed with excitement.

I have the same spiritual problem as Katie. I know the technical answer to my question—the greatest joy and peace and rest are found in Jesus. But what really gets my heart going is something else. In other words, I believe God is here, but I forget that GOD is here. I bet you forget that too.

Which is why we need to eavesdrop on the angels. In Isaiah 6:3, the angels shouted, “Holy! Holy! Holy.” Holy means “set apart,” “wonderfully different.” The angels preached, “You think sunsets are good? and babies smiling? and puppy videos? and last-second field goals? and a new boat? You should see GOD! GOD is holy! He’s even better! This is the GOD of love, of forgiveness, of mercy, the GOD who came into the world to show us grace. This is the GOD who created mountains and sunsets and water and waves. This is the GOD who invented colors and sound and taste buds. This is not some dusty God from a theological textbook. This is the GOD of glory! And, because of the cross of Jesus, this GOD is here with us!

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