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Lord, cast your vote through us
Jason Nelson
by Jason Nelson
November 4, 2019

We are excited, Lord! This week we can participate in democracy. We can choose our leaders. We enter a voting booth like it was a confessional and with only you watching make choices that reveal our politics and reflect our faith. Out of our isolated votes comes a consensus. The will of the people is done. And your will is done. Let us cherish this privilege and never neglect our duty to cast our vote. It is a righteous act of citizenship. Brave people died to secure it for us. Move us to cast our votes and honor their sacrifice.

There are many competing things to consider. Help us sort through the positions among candidates. Help us sift through the positions of each candidate. None of them is a perfect choice. In the course of human events, no candidate has ever been perfect. This is not the City of God. It is the city of men and women. And you have always made exceptional use of flawed people.

We are not electing a national pastor, poet laureate, king of the hill, or ceremonial prima donna. Help us remember what we are doing: electing leaders and legislators who must work together to solve problems in our collective best interest. Remind us that you sent your holy Son to serve and not be served and give himself as a ransom for many. Fill us with hope that comes from him. Lord, please cast your vote through us. Amen.

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