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Not-so-fast food for the soul
Pastor Ben Sadler
by Pastor Ben Sadler
December 4, 2023

I eat too fast.

This has been a lifelong struggle, and I’m not sure when it started. But when I’m out at a restaurant with friends, I always finish first … even when I intentionally try to eat slowly.

I’m not the worst offender in my family. We do have a Labrador retriever who eats like someone is about to steal her food. Unfortunately, I can relate.

This bad habit is not good for my body. When I shovel my food into my face, I usually get indigestion and acid reflux, and I overeat.

But it is even worse for my soul. Sometimes I lick my plate clean before I can even think of thanking God.

How about you? Do you find yourself diving into your food before you take a moment to “say grace”? Do you find yourself snacking at the counter instead of blessing your food at the kitchen table? Has the drive-through become a way of life?

If so, what can you do?

Pray before your meals.

All of them.

Even when no one is with you.

This simple habit has a domino effect. I’ve noticed that when I pray, eating becomes worship, a bland meal becomes a blessing, and I start to eat at the pace of a normal human being.

Slowing down to pray is especially important this time of year. It is an act of resistance against the tide of seasonal busyness.

So if you suffer from inhaling your meals like I do, I encourage you to join me and pray. Pray before your meals. Pray after your meals. Pray that God slows you down enough to see and experience his gracious provision.

The eyes of all look to you,

and you give them their food at the proper time.

You open your hand

and satisfy the desires of every living thing.

(Psalm 145:15,16)