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A life-changing sentence
Pastor Mike Novotny
by Pastor Mike Novotny
January 7, 2020

If you could pick any person—any friend, any family member, any celebrity, any pet, anyone alive or passed on—to walk through the door and be right here, who would that person be and what would that person make you feel? What would you feel if your husband was still here? Or your crush from work showed up? Or your daughter from California surprised you? Or your favorite musician walked into your coffee shop? Or your grandson came bumbling though the door? I bet you would feel a lot! Even if nothing else changed in your life, that person’s presence would have the power to change you.

Okay, here’s the big question, the question that’s changing my life, the question that can change yours—Is God better than that person? Is your version, your view, of God as exciting, thrilling, and comforting as your view of that person? If I told you, “GOD is here!” what would you feel? More or less than before?

Jesus made us an amazing promise in Matthew 28:20: “Surely I am with you always.” That promise will make you nod an emotionless “amen” unless you remember who Jesus is. More faithful than the best spouse. More creative than the best artists. More beautiful than a newborn child. More comforting than a lifelong friend. Jesus is better than them all. And, because he’s full of grace and forgiveness, Jesus is with you always.

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