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Never take grace for granted
Jason Nelson
by Jason Nelson
April 13, 2023

I can’t touch your heart unless I open up mine. I’m a baby boomer, middle-class, American, white male. I had nothing to do with any of it. I’ve benefited from all of it. It’s been grace to me. I’m troubled that so many people in the world, who have no more control over their circumstances than I did, experience life so differently. I know God loves them just as much as he loves me. They don’t have the shelter from storms that I have. I need to manage a few inconveniences. They need to manage devastation on a regular basis. I can’t imagine what that does to a person’s soul. So I ask this question about what I haven’t gone through: Why me? 

I’ve been involved in church-related work for many years. I can get the answers right on the doctrine test. In one way or another, I’ve passed those answers on to others. I used to think that was an accomplishment. Not so much anymore. It’s a hollow victory to pass the doctrine test but not show up for the reciprocity test. “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded” (Luke 12:48). My contributions in God’s kingdom have been safe and sanitary. If God wanted more from me, it’s getting a little late now. There it is, my guilt laid bare. My point is, never take grace for granted.

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