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There’s an app for that
Linda Buxa
by Linda Buxa
November 9, 2019

Need the most minor problem solved? There’s an app for that! Apps help you manage your finances, diet, fitness, sleep, and shopping. (Time of Grace even has an app to give you spiritual support and encouragement.)

Sometimes, though, some of them make me shake my head, such as Drunk Text Savior. Its webpage shares, “Tired of getting yourself into trouble from your drunk texts after a crazy night out? Let the Drunk Text Savior help.” It was designed to stop you from waking up one morning to discover you texted someone you dated four years ago or your boss or someone who isn’t as attractive in the light of day.

Don’t you simply want to ask, “How about you not make poor choices that lead to bad texting decisions in the first place?”

Deep down we know the answer, don’t we? Making wise choices is rarely “fun.” I don’t want to change my behavior; I simply don’t want to suffer the consequences. I’d rather cover up my transgressions than not transgress in the first place. Maybe I don’t need Drunk Text Savior, but I sure could use Quick Tongue Savior. Or Nagging Savior. Or Wasting Too Much Time on the Internet Savior.

There’s an app for that too. My Perfect Loving Savior came, not to cover up or downplay my idiotic choices but to wipe them away completely. No matter what my personal sins are, I have a Savior who won my forgiveness. He did it for you too. Through his Word, his Spirit is downloaded in your heart and mind.

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