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Pastor Matt Ewart

Pastor Matt Ewart

Matt Ewart is a pastor at NorthCross Church in Lakeville, Minnesota. He previously served at churches in Commerce City, Colorado (Living Hope), and Tempe, Arizona (Emmanuel). He has enjoyed being a contributing author for Time of Grace devotions since 2016.

Living My Faith


Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Matt helps us learn the importance of patience and how to be more patient.

Living My Faith

Be Patient by . . . Giving Time Away?

How generous are you with your time to other people?

Living My Faith

How to Grow in Patience

The best way to grow in patience isn’t to find more time. Instead, Pastor Matt says, it’s something that sounds counterintuitive.

Living My Faith

Does God’s Patience Run Out for Me?

Do you ever wonder if God has lost his patience with you?

Living My Faith

Has Your Impatience Harmed Your Relationships?

Has your impatience prevented you from showing the love and compassion you have for someone in your life?

Living My Faith

Why God Wants You to Be Patient

Your patience is a spiritual matter that God’s very interested in.

Life’s Challenges


“Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control” (Proverbs 25:28). From my personal experience, the attribute that every…

Living My Faith

A godly choice

One of the fathers in the Bible whom I admire the most is Joseph. He was engaged to Mary, and he was in the…

Living My Faith


If God would just show up in a real, measurable way, a lot more people would take him seriously. I know I would benefit…

Living My Faith

There’s a discrepancy

Have you ever had buyer’s remorse over fast food? It can happen. I’ve seen it. Three friends and I were each ordering separately at…

Living My Faith

Guilt by association

Have you ever felt like you should distance yourself from certain people to make it clear that you do not associate yourself with their…

Who is God?

Entry requirement

Someone once asked me why God would make the entry requirement for heaven so high. If he loved the world, why not drop the…