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Thank God for the kingdom of God!
Pastor Mike Novotny
by Pastor Mike Novotny
January 2, 2024

Around 701 b.c., Sennacherib, the king of Assyria, marched from modern-day Iraq to Jerusalem. His army was not known for being nice. Sennacherib’s palace walls had art of Assyrian soldiers carrying decapitated heads, skinning enemies alive, and setting up spikes for gravity to impale their foes. During the days of the prophet Isaiah, those same soldiers marched to Jerusalem to repeat such atrocities. Imagine if you live in a little village outside of Jerusalem and, one day, see the glimmer of 185,000 shields held by savage warriors who have skinned, impaled, and beheaded entire nations. What do you do? You run! You run into the kingdom. 

King Hezekiah has built a wall, rerouted the water, and opened the gates of his kingdom to you. Archaeologists have discovered both the “broad wall” and “Hezekiah’s tunnel,” the former a 23-foot thick wall of stone to keep people safe, the latter an ingenious way to get water inside the city to keep the people alive (you really should Google both discoveries right now). Hezekiah provided safety when there was danger. That’s what good kings do.

God is a good king too. When the spiritual forces of evil threatened your eternity, when the devil was close to capturing you forever, God built a wall of love that stretches higher, deeper, and wider than any architect could measure. He then channeled waters of forgiveness, bubbling up from springs of grace, inside those walls. And through Jesus, he opened the gates wide to helpless souls like us.

Thank God for the kingdom of God!