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The prodigal God (Lesson 1)
Pastor Jon Enter
by Pastor Jon Enter
February 26, 2024

Luke 15 is famous for the story of the prodigal son. Do you know what prodigal means? Prodigal is “pouring out more than is necessary” or “lavish spending.” That’s exactly what the son did. He demanded his inheritance and then spent it in lavish, sinful living. Prodigal in this sense is a negative.

God is also prodigal. He lavishly pours out more grace on us than we deserve. Prodigal in this sense is a positive. We see a beautiful reflection of God’s love for us in how the father treated his wayward son. There are three truths to learn in back-to-back-to-back devotions.

The first: God loves you so much he lets you leave. 

God does not chain you to his laws. He understands you have the freedom to make choices (though spiritually they are always sinful ones if he isn’t involved) just as the father in Luke 15 realized his son made his own sinful choices. Out of love, the father let his son go because forcing him to stay wouldn’t have solved anything. It would’ve made it worse when he left because he may have never come back.

God loves you so much he lets you leave. Imagine if every time you walked away from God’s law, he broke your leg. You’d never heal; you’d be furious at God. God lets you go so you realize how bad it is away from him. 

Careful. Our tendency is to blame God for our sinful choices, our prodigal problems. It’s our responsibility, not his. What decision are you blaming God for that you made? 

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